Having a garbage disposal makes cleaning off your plates easier and more convenient. It can also help to prevent clogs in your home’s plumbing system. However, you have to take care of it so that it does not experience issues. There are multiple ways to keep your disposal in good condition so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of it not working properly.

Clean Your Disposal Regularly

Whenever you use your disposal, make sure that you are only running cold water. This helps to prevent clogs since the cold water will solidify any oil or grease, allowing them to get through your pipes better instead of clinging to them.

There are a few tasks that you can do on a weekly basis to help keep your garbage disposal running smoothly. If you notice unpleasant odors and want to freshen up your disposal, you can put citrus peels in it. While your disposal grinds up the peels, the natural oils in the fruits will release a pleasant scent and help to clean the parts inside your disposal that grind up food.

Put a few ice cubes down the disposal. This can help to loosen food particles that are stuck. As your disposal is working, it also sharpens the blades. Once it chews up the cubes, let a little cold water flow down to flush out the dislodged food particles.

For a little extra cleaning power, you can use some dish soap. Just put a few drops down the disposal and turn on the cold water. This helps to remove leftover food particles and breaks down grease. You can also fill the sink partway with soapy water and then open the drain, running the disposal as the water flows into it.

Avoid Certain Items

There are certain items that you do not want to put down the disposal because they could cause damage or a clog. Any items that are hard should not go into your disposal because they could cause damage to the blades. Examples include fruit pits, bones, and seafood shells.

Starchy foods could cause a clog in your disposal since they expand when they interact with water. Rice and pasta are examples of starchy foods. Avoid putting fibrous or stringy foods into the disposal, too. These can lead to clogs because these foods could wrap around the blades. Examples of these foods include corn husks, celery, and onion skins.

Garbage disposals are only for food, and you should never put non-food items into it. This could lead to clogs or damage to the internal components. For example, avoid putting food packaging or small objects like rubber bands down the disposal.

It is also imperative to not use any drain cleaner. This could damage the metal parts of your disposal by causing corrosion. There is also the risk of toxic fumes.

Run Your Disposal Regularly

If you do not use your disposal often, it is important to let it run for a minute or two once or twice a week. This will help to ensure that the working parts remain in proper working order. It also helps to prevent corrosion and rust. If you do not have any food to put down it, just let some cold water flow.

Know the Common Issues

Knowing the common issues with garbage disposals makes it easier to spot an issue as soon as it starts. This allows you to call our professionals so that they can address the problem before it gets worse.

One of the most common issues is a clog. You will likely notice a clog because either your disposal will not drain at all or the drainage will be noticeably slow. If you believe that you have a clog, try letting cold water run down your drains. But if it persists, have our plumbers come in. They know how to safely and effectively remove clogs. A professional will also let you know the cause of the clog so that you can prevent another one.

There are times when you have bad odors coming from your disposal. Regular cleaning can help to reduce this issue. However, there are times when you simply can’t avoid it. If you notice a foul odor, let some cold water and a little dish soap run down the disposal. Once you do this, if the bad odor persists or gets worse, have our professionals take a look at your disposal. They might need to remove all the food that has accumulated in your pipe with special tools.

Sometimes your garbage disposal might make a weird noise. Always turn the disposal off immediately after hearing a strange sound to ensure safety and reduce the risk of further damage. It is not uncommon for foreign objects to get stuck inside your disposal. When the blades hit them, they can make an alarming noise. If there is damage to the blade or it has a lot of wear, it might start making a sound that indicates that you need to replace it. Weird noise along with vibrating could indicate loose mounting. A professional will inspect the mounting and tighten the appropriate bolts to solve this problem.

Various parts of your disposal could start to leak. Sometimes your disposal and dishwasher are connected, and this connection could be the source of the leak. There are various seals inside your disposal. These seals wear down over time and could cause a leak. Another possible reason for a leak is a loose connection. Our plumbers will know how to locate all of the seals and connections so that they find the one causing the problem. They will either replace the bad seal or tighten the loose connection to stop the leak.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

About once a year, you should have our plumbers come to your home and perform a full inspection. This will include looking at your garbage disposal. They will look for issues that need attention and clean the different parts to ensure that they are in good condition.

During this service appointment, if they notice any damaged or worn parts, they can replace those worn-out parts. For example, the blades can wear out eventually. You will need to replace them promptly so that your disposal is able to keep properly grinding up food waste.

Professional plumbers will also check your disposal’s electrical components. They will make sure that all of the wires are intact and ask you about any malfunctioning or electrical surges you might notice. If there is an electrical issue, do not turn on your disposal until a professional is able to fix it. Electrical issues can be hazardous.

Professional Plumbers in Metuchen

Taking care of your garbage disposal will decrease the risk of a costly repair and ensure that it is ready whenever you need it. Our team has experience helping homeowners maintain their garbage disposal. Once we settle this issue for you, we can also help with other plumbing needs as well as your heating and cooling systems.

Contact First Choice Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in Metuchen today to learn more about how to maintain your garbage disposal.

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