Older NJ homes generally have oil-burning heat systems. While these systems served their purpose, they are becoming obsolete. Rather than oil-burning systems, many people are converting to natural gas for their home heating needs.

Why convert to Gas From Oil?

Well, there are a number of different answers that question, and which one is most important varies from consumer to consumer. For those interested in the environment, the fact that natural gas is the cleanest burning of the fossil fuels and one of the cleanest ways to heat a home is appealing. However, for many people the cost of heating is at least as important, if not more important, than the environmental impact of one’s heating and cooling choices. Natural gas systems do not require the same level of maintenance as oil systems, so that users will not need to continue to get permits or replace or service pumps, motors, and filters as needed.

Oil to Gas Conversion NJPerhaps most important is that natural gas is currently affordable, reducing monthly heating costs. Oil to Gas Conversion calculators can be found at most natural gas provider web-sites, giving you examples of what you would save based on current natural gas prices. Finally, natural gas is a reliable form of energy. It is produced domestically and is piped directly to your home or building, so that foreign demand or production conditions should not impact availability. Finally, most conversions involve removal of oil tanks, a source of potential environmental pollution, which can ease worry and concern for homeowners.

Oil to Gas Conversion Process

Most NJ oil to gas conversions are a two-step process. A plumber handles your internal conversion while a natural gas provider handles the external conversion. There are many programs, incentives, and rebates offered by local natural gas providers to help pay for this process. Many people consider this process when their current oil system needs repairs or replacement because new gas systems are significantly less expensive than new oil systems. However, given that gas systems have offered such significant savings over oil systems for the past few years, even those who are not currently needing to replace their oil systems may see a financial benefit from converting to gas.

The best way to find out if a conversion would save you money is first to find out whether natural gas is available in your area or if you are in a scheduled expansion area. Taking advantage of scheduled expansions may significantly reduce, even eliminate, the construction costs the gas company may charge you to provide natural gas to your home. If natural gas is an option for you, the next step is to call First Choice Heating and Air Conditioning for an estimate on conversion costs and find out about any existing incentives and rebates, so that you can compare those numbers to your current oil-based heating costs.

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