Many older homes in New Jersey were built with oil-burning heat systems. Though originally state of the art, these systems have since grown outdated, leaving residents in need of an oil to gas conversion for their home heating needs.

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Why Convert from Oil to Gas?

In addition to overall efficiency, there are several reasons to convert from oil to gas. Among others, typical benefits of converting to Natural Gas include:
  • Clean Energy

    Natural Gas is the cleanest-burning of currently available fossil fuels

  • Lower Cost

    Natural Gas furnaces require less maintenance than oil systems

  • Affordability

    Given its availability, Natural Gas is one of the most affordable heating fuels currently on the market

  • Reliability

    Produced domestically, foreign demand and production/trade conditions are less likely to impact availability and price

  • Safety

    Oil to gas conversions typically require the removal of oil tanks, reducing potential environmental pollution and easing concern among homeowners

The Oil to Gas Conversion Process

Most oils to gas conversions in New Jersey are a two-step process. Typically, a plumber handles the internal conversion while a Natural Gas provider handles the external conversion. There are many programs, incentives, and rebates offered by local Natural Gas providers to help pay for this process, making it a popular option for home and business owners alike. Given its many benefits, even those who are not in immediate need of conversion are likely to see cost benefits in a short amount of time.

Residential and commercial HVAC consumers are encouraged to research whether Natural Gas is available in their area. If possible, taking advantage of scheduled expansions may significantly reduce, or even eliminate, construction costs that a gas company may charge in installation.

Once you’ve determined the availability of Natural Gas in your area, it’s time to contact First Choice Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Our expert team will provide an estimate of conversion costs and guide you through the process, including providing information on current incentives and rebates.