Why Converting from Oil to Natural Gas Makes Sense for Your Budget, Your Family, and the Environment

Oil-based heating systems were once the cutting edge, environmentally friendly way to heat your home, replacing earlier heat sources such as coal or wood. However, these oil-based heating systems are no longer the cleanest and most-efficient way to heat your home and are quickly becoming as outdated as the coal and wood-based heating systems they once replaced. They are also becoming very expensive to maintain and fuel. Here are some of the top reasons you should switch from oil to gas.

Eliminate your risk of an oil spill- Oil tanks can fail, which creates a situation that is not only messy but also costly to clean up. Worse than that, if you do not detect the spill in time, the spill or leak might subject you to fines or other punishments if not remedied immediately.

Reduced Maintenance- Oil systems require costly clean-outs and regular maintenance, while gas systems require little maintenance. Gas systems allow you to turn on the heat and forget about the system.

Converting from Oil to Natural Gas NJ

Better for the environment- Natural gas is a much more environmentally friendly option, releasing fewer harmful pollutants than oil systems and without the in-ground storage tanks that can pose a direct threat to the surrounding environment.

Save money- Oil prices have doubled over the last few years, but natural gas prices have remained stable. What’s better is that, because the U.S. has an abundant supply of natural gas, those prices are expected to remain stable. For most households in the Northeast, this difference means about $1500 in savings over the winter with prices at their current levels.
Uninterrupted service- Oil has to be delivered to your home and placed in your tank; if you cannot schedule a delivery or the delivery cannot get to you, then you can have a service interruption. Natural gas runs directly into your home, greatly reducing your risk of service interruption.

A cleaner home- Oil systems are messy; they pollute your home as well as the environment. Switch to gas and eliminate the soot, dust, and smell associated with oil heat! Your house not only stays cleaner but gets easier to clean.

Extra economic incentives- Many gas companies offer rebates for installing natural gas systems, which can make your ROI period much shorter than without rebates. Contact us to find out what rebates are available in your area.

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