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Like many New Jersey residents, you probably switch your A/C and heat as soon as the seasons changes. Unfortunately, waiting until the next year to turn your Air Conditioner back on could result in damage and costly repairs. Instead, professionals recommend that NJ home and business owners get HVAC units serviced at the end of each season. Not only is this a less busy time, but it helps to ensure efficiency when an unexpected front rolls through.

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When Should I Get My Air Conditioner Checked?

Many of us don’t realize our A/C needs repair until it completely stops working! However, there are some warning signs of impending failure to keep an eye out for:

  1. Funny smelling air? A burning smell could indicate a problem within wire insulation, which can actually be a fire hazard. A moldy smell means there could be mold in the unit or ductwork.
  2. Warm or humid air? If the air coming from vents doesn’t feel cold, your A/C might need more/new Freon, or your compressor could be failing.
  3. Low air pressure from the ducts? A wide variety of problems can result in very little air coming from ducts. If your heater or furnace uses the same duct as your air conditioning system, performance and efficiency will be affected across all systems.
  4. Moisture around your air conditioner? Though it could be a minor problem, such as a clogged drain line, moisture around your A/C unit could also indicate a major issue like a refrigerant leak.
  5. Making funny sounds? You know what your air conditioner normally sounds like. If it sounds different than normal, have it checked to ensure that there are no problems.

Prevention Pays Off

If you know or suspect that your A/C could be experiencing problems, now is the time to be proactive! Save money tomorrow with a call today!

A leading provider of expert HVAC service in New Jersey, Heating & Cooling First Choice Heating & Cooling can diagnose, service, and repair all major brands of HVAC equipment, including Honeywell, Carrier, Rheem, York, Goodman, Coleman, and Fujitsu.

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