In other parts of the country, people may switch back and forth between heating and cooling throughout the winter. However, in New Jersey, when the seasons change, we may not turn our air conditioners back on until spring. That is a long time for your air conditioner to sit if it was beginning to develop any problems. That is why we suggest getting your HVAC serviced before switching from cooling to heating and winterizing it, as necessary.

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Signs Your AC May Need Service

How do you know when you need an air conditioning repair? If your AC completely stops working, you know you need repair. However, there are subtle signs that you may need AC repair:

  1. Odd sounds. All HVAC units make sounds when they run. However, if you notice clanking, whirring, buzzing, or other unusual sounds, it is probably a sign of a mechanical problem. Schedule an air conditioner repair before your air conditioner stops working.
  2. Loss of pressure. The air from your vents should be notified when your system is running. If you cannot feel the air, you may have a ventilation problem. You want to get that fixed because HVAC systems may push warm and cool air with the same system.
  3. Warm, wet air. The air coming from your vents should be at least 20 degrees colder than the outdoor air temperature. If it is not, your system may have a freon leak or a failing compressor. A wide variety of problems can result in very little air coming from ducts. If your heater or furnace uses the same duct as your air conditioning system, performance and efficiency will be affected across all systems.
  4. Water where it should not be. Your HVAC system should drain through a hose into the pipe. The drain pan should not be full and your overflow drain, if you have one, should not have moisture. If you see water where it should not be, you could have a clog. In high temperatures when shutting off the system is not reasonable; this counts as an emergency AC repair because running a clogged system could lead to a flood.
  5. Weird smells. If your air smells funny, it could be a serious problem. Moldy smells could signal mold in the unit, which is a health hazard. Burning smells could signal a potential fire hazard. Either way, call for emergency air conditioner repair, and our dispatcher will advise you if you need to shut off the system.

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