You know First Choice Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is a great choice for your HVAC services. However, did you know that we also offer plumbing services? We can help you with your plumbing needs, put together large projects, and help you with plumbing related household accessories.

Drain Cleanings

Whether you are dealing with a clog or a slow-moving drain, we can help you with drain cleaning services. We start by diagnosing the problem, finding the source of the clog or slow-down, and then we get rid of it. We can also do maintenance drain cleanings to help prevent the possibility of clogs.

Sink/Lavatory Fixtures

Need a new plumbing fixture? We can help you out. We can fix your leaky fixtures. We can also replace your fixtures if you need repairs or just want a new look!

Vanity Installation

Improving your bathroom? Bathroom home improvement projects offer a good return on investment. Not only will you enjoy your updated bathroom, but with the high quality work from First Choice, you will also improve the value of the property.

Sump Pumps/ Replacements/ Pits

Sump pumps are essential for many people. They keep you from getting a wet basement. That is why a broken sump pump can be such a big problem. We can fix your sump pumps, replace your broken sump pumps. We can also install, maintain, or fix sump pits.

Water Softeners/ Water Treatment

Water softeners work by using salts to remove minerals from the water. Hard water does not just leave film on your faucets and in your sinks, toilets, and tub; it can also be hard on your hair and skin. We can help you with your water treatment system, whether you are looking for installation or just need maintenance or repair for your current system.

Garbage Disposals

A working garbage disposal can make your kitchen so much easier to use. It makes your sink more flexible and helps prevent clogs in the pipes. We can repair or replace existing garbage disposals and even install garbage disposals in sinks that do not currently have them.

Reverse Osmosis

Want to improve your water quality? Then you need a great water filtration system. At First Choice, our choice is reverse osmosis. A reverse osmosis system uses pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane, filtering out contaminants. We can install, repair, or maintain your reverse osmosis water treatment systems.

Pipe Repair/ Thawing

Do you have a burst pipe? Most pipe bursts happen in the wintertime as a result of freezing. We can help you with pipe repair. We can also help with thawing pipes, which can sometimes prevent bursting for frozen pipes.


*Master Plumbing License: #36BI100956100

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