Act Now if You Are Considering a New Heater or an Oil to Gas Conversion

Did you know that, in northern New Jersey, the first snow can happen as early as October 15th, and not much later when you move to the south or the coast? In fact, by mid-October, even if we are not having actual snow storms, we will almost certainly be experiencing the type of cold weather that makes you want to be sure you have a working, reliable heater to keep you warm through the winter months. What that means is that now is the time to act if you have been considering an oil-to-gas conversion or a new heating system for this winter.

Despite falling oil prices, converting your current system from fuel oil to natural gas is still a smart idea.

Given that oil prices have been falling, many of our clients have wisely been asking whether converting from oil to natural gas heating systems would still be beneficial. The short answer is “yes.” Even with declining oil prices, your monthly costs for a natural gas system would probably still offer you significant savings over your current oil system. An expert from First Choice Heating and Cooling could help you determine your projected savings by examining your current costs with your existing system and comparing those with the costs for a new system. Depending on your projected savings, the conversion could pay for itself in a much shorter time period than you image. Furthermore, there are non-financial benefits to conversion, as well. Natural gas is efficient, safe, and reliable. You will not be dependent upon fuel deliveries, or have to worry about potential oil leaks. Natural gas also reduces fewer greenhouse gases than an oil-burning system and does not pollute your home’s interior the way that an oil-burning system can.

Whether replacing or repairing, you want your heater working for the beginning of the cold season.

If you know your heater is failing or simply not performing as efficiently as you would like, you have probably been struggling with the decision whether to repair or replace. Obviously, initial replacement costs are going to be higher than repair costs, while a new system is not only going to be more efficient, but will probably require less maintenance and should be repair-free for years. It is a complicated decision. However, a heating contractor from First Choice Heating and Cooling can give you the information you need about heating and cooling systems from the nation’s most reliable HVAC manufacturers, including: Lennox, Carrier, Bryant, Goodman, Trane, Comfortmaker, Daiken, Rheem, Ruud, American Standard, Coleman, York, and Fijitsu, so that you have the information you need to make your decision.

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