Why Proper Maintenance is Critical for Your Air Conditioning System

While spring came late to New Jersey, we have been dealing with warm spring and summer weather for a few months. If you have a central air conditioning system, you have probably been using that system for at least the last couple of months. Given that we had such an extended winter, you may even have neglected to have your system maintained, and then switched from heating to cooling without the routine maintenance you should get at the beginning of each season. Don’t worry; it is not too late to maintain your system.

We suggest maintenance before the heating or cooling season for multiple reasons.

One of the reasons that we suggest that you have your heating or cooling system maintained before the beginning of the heating or cooling season is so that a service professional can inspect your system, perform any needed maintenance, recommend any needed repairs, and ensure that the system is clean. These actions should optimize system performance, resulting in greater efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, fixing minor problems before they develop into major problems is a fantastic way to save money on future repairs and extend the life of your heating or cooling system.

However, another reason that we suggest pre-season maintenance is simply for practical purposes. Air conditioning companies are not as busy in the pre-season, which makes it easier for you to schedule routine maintenance before the cooling season. In addition, if you select a pre-season date and repeat service on that date each year, you are more likely to remember the service.

Maintaining your cooling system each year is important, even if you have already run your air conditioner this season.

Even if you have already been running your air conditioner this season, it is important to perform yearly maintenance. During routine maintenance, a technician can check Freon levels, look for any leaks in the system, clean the system, and ensure that all parts are well-lubricated and moving freely. Maintenance helps ensure that minor problems never develop into major problems. This can be very important at this time of year. Remember, while July in Jersey might feel warm, August in New Jersey can be unbearable, so contact us today to schedule your yearly maintenance.

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