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Winterizing Your Air Conditioner and Performing a Pre-Season Furnace Inspection

The dog days of summer are here, and turning off your air conditioner and switching to your furnace is probably the last thing on your mind.  However, the dog days are the perfect time to schedule your seasonal maintenance and inspection, so that when the cold does hit you will be prepared.  After all, last winter snow began in early April and continued well past spring break!

Winterizing your air conditioner extends it life and can help you avoid costly repair bills. 

Although you are not likely to turn off your air conditioner, yet, you can prepare for winterizing now by ensuring that you know what winterizing requires.  When you are ready to turn your air conditioner unit for the season, turn it off at the disconnect switch.  Thoroughly clean the unit using a garden hose and spraying any debris off the coils.  Check your compressor and remove any sticks, twigs, or other debris that was not removed with the hose.  Survey the surroundings; trim back or remove plants or trees that are contributing debris to the unit.  Next, inspect the unit looking for any rust or deteriorating parts in need of maintenance or repair.  Once the unit dries, cover it with an air conditioner cover.

Seasonal furnace maintenance keeps you warm and safe. 

Furnace inspections serve two critical functions: they ensure that the heater will perform efficiently, but they also inspect for any safety hazards, so they can be corrected before you need heat.  To ensure that the heater will function when required, we make sure your pilot light is functioning properly, remove your burners and clean them if necessary, check and adjust your fan switch to reduce nuisance fan cycling, inspect and replace worn belts and pulleys, lubricate moving parts, check and, if necessary, calibrate your thermostat, and check that electric parts are drawing and receiving the proper voltage.  A simple and inexpensive capacitor replacement can save you hundreds, if not thousands, in later repair costs.  We also perform safety checks aimed at reducing the risk of fire or toxic-fume build-up including: checking your heat exchanger for cracks, inspecting safety controls, ensuring that your combustion air openings and flue pipes are free of blockages, and making sure your gas lines are leak free.

First Choice Heating and Cooling wants to make sure you say safe and comfortable for the rest of the summer and through the winter season.  Call us to schedule your fall service, today.



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