Does Your Home Need Heater Replacement?

Are you having problems getting your home warm enough? Have you had to repair your heater multiple times recently? Are you spending too much money on your heating bill? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it may be time to replace your heater.

Repair or Replace?

One of the biggest challenges homeowners faces is deciding whether to repair or replace their heaters or HVAC system. Sometimes all you need is a small repair, and you will have reliable heat for the winter. Other times, your system is just too old or worn out to repair. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are deciding whether to replace or repair.

How Old Is Your Heater?

One of the things to consider is the age of your heater. Furnaces, especially gas furnaces, are designed to last for almost 20 years. However, while your furnace may last this long, it does start to lose efficiency around 10 years. So do boilers. While they may continue to run,
you have to factor in the lost efficiency when considering whether it is a better financial decision to replace or repair.

What Are You Paying for Your Heating Bills?

One way to decide whether to replace or repair is by looking at your current heating bills. If you notice that you are using more energy, it could indicate that your heating system is losing efficiency. You want to do more than just look at the total amount of your bill because fuel costs have been on the rise.

How Often Are You Needing Repairs?

Generally, needing a repair is not a sign you need a new heater. However, if you need multiple repairs in one year or find yourself calling for repairs year after year, it may be more affordable to replace your heater than to keep repairing it.

Talk to an Expert & See if it is Time to Replace Your Heater

Still not sure whether you need to replace or repair your heater? Contact us at FCC. We can send a technician to come out and inspect your current system. They can provide an overview of what repair would cost and what other repairs you may need. They can compare that to the cost of a new system. Part of the comparison will include increases in efficiency and what that could save you on fuel costs. With that information, you can make the best decision for your family.

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