There are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to heating and air conditioning systems and how they work. Some are silly and not too consequential, others can cost you big bucks! Below we straighten out some of the more pervasive myths.

Myth: The bigger the unit, the better

Reality: The size of the unit should match the size and requirement of the space it’s meant to condition. This is something our pros are trained to assess! A bigger unit may offer powerful cooling performance and bursts of cool air, but these bursts often fool a thermostat into turning the system off before the entire house is cooled properly. This leads to quick cycling – short on and off bursts – which are not efficient, can cause unnecessary wear, cut down on the longevity of the system, and raise overall energy costs.

Myth: Setting a super cold temperature cools the house faster

Reality: Because most HVAC systems are designed to cool to a set point, setting your thermostat to a really low temperature will not help you reach your desired temperature faster. It continues to cool at the same speed, the unit will simply continue and try to work to reach that low temp. The smart move is to set the temperature you want and let the system run its course.

Myth: Closing vents saves money

Reality: This is another area best addressed with an HVAC expert. A properly installed system is designed based on the size of the home you are cooling and the specific amount of air to be circulated throughout a home. By closing vents, you can throw off this balance. Instead, talk to an HVAC expert about your concerns and how you’d like to condition your house to help you meet your goals, as well as how to maintain balanced air circulation and distribution throughout the house or in the areas you’d like cooled.

Myth: You should turn off the AC when you leave the house

Reality: This one seems logical, but in practice, it’s not a good solution and could end up costing you more. Not only does your HVAC system play a crucial role in humidity management and maintenance of air quality, but if you turn your air off completely, the system will have to work harder when you turn it back on to return to your chosen temperature. A better option would be to raise the temperature a bit when you leave the house and return it to your comfortable setting when you get home.

Myth: Air Conditioning Maintenance Doesn’t Matter

Reality: Having a licensed professional perform routine maintenance check-ups on your central cooling system is the only way to ensure that your unit is running at peak performance, free of leaks, airflow issues, or other concerns. Simply put, air conditioning systems play an enormous role in the quality of the environment around you. It’s not something you want to neglect.

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