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Do You Need a Generator?

What Hurricanes and Blizzards Mean for Your Home

When New Jersey thinks of Hurricane Sandy, we are most likely to think of the devastation from floods, wind, and rain.  However, many more people were impacted by power outages during that time period than were impacted by flooding or wind damage.  In fact, power outages are actually a fairly common problem for New Jersey and much of the East Coast.  Our power grid is overburdened and is not capable of dealing with high-demand times that occur during heat waves.  We are also vulnerable to power loss during blizzards in the winter time.  This may have led you to consider installing a generator.  The home comfort experts at First Choice Heating and Cooling would be happy to help you consider whether a generator is right for you.

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Climate Control Systems

Efficient and effective climate control systems are one of the most taken-for-granted aspects of the modern home, but also one of the things that people miss most when they are not working. Whether a broken air conditioning system has you too hot in the summer or a broken heating system leaves you shivering in the winter, when your climate control system experiences difficulties, the entire household suffers. Furthermore, a non-working climate control system can be more than an inconvenience. Extreme hot temperatures can literally cause death in vulnerable members of the population, as can extreme cold. Extreme cold can also cause damage to your home, such as freezing and bursting water pipes. These dangers can lead people to operate heating systems and furnaces that are not functioning properly, which creates its own hazards- fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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