8 Signs You Need Repiping in Your Home

Your piping system provides convenient access to clean water throughout your home, from the kitchen and bathroom to the garage. This system also plays a critical role in ensuring wastewater from your house drains away properly. Although piping materials can last for decades, they wear out over time and may need a replacement. Since most of the pipes that make their way through your property are usually hidden, it may be hard to know when to replace them. Let’s get into more detail on the tell-tale signs that your home needs repiping.

1. Frequent Pipe Leaks

Leaky pipes are perhaps one of the most common plumbing problems many homeowners face. A few leaking pipes, such as in your utility room or basement, may only require simple repairs to solve the problem. But if you notice numerous leaks, the best option is to call a professional to inspect your system as soon as possible. Sometimes, leaks might be a symptom of more extensive damage within the plumbing system. You may also have other hidden leaks within walls, slab foundations, and ceilings that are only noticeable after significant water damage. Some signs of a water leak in your plumbing include mold growth, rising water bills, and stained or warped floors or walls.

2. Noisy Pipes

When you turn on the faucets in your house, you should only hear the sound of water as it flows from the pipes. However, if you hear strange shrieking, squealing, gurgling, or knocking noises, you may have a problem with your pipes. Some noises may indicate internal flaws in the pipes, such as wearing out, corrosion, or other damages. While you may overlook this issue, failure to solve it can lead to pipe bursts and structural damages in the long term. Repiping will help eliminate unusual noises and extend the life of your plumbing system.

3. Water Pressure Issues

A decrease in water pressure is another sign of an issue with your pipes. You may notice a gradual or sudden drop in water pressure, especially when using the shower or turning on a faucet. It may result from sediment buildup or leaky pipes. Minerals can build up inside the piping system, especially for homeowners using hard water due to high levels of magnesium and calcium. The minerals restrict the flow of water in the long term, which reduces the speed of the water, leading to low pressure. Sediment buildup can also put extra pressure on certain sections of your pipes, causing some plumbing sections to fail or crack. A replacement of the pipes can be a lasting solution for the reduction in water pressure in your home.

4. Frequent Clogs

Water should flow freely through your pipes and drain away with ease. Sometimes, you may experience minor clogs, but if the issue becomes persistent, your pipes may have a larger problem. Frequent clogs are a sign that you most likely have a significant clog deep within the system. A clog may result from sediment buildup, tree roots penetrating the pipe, or flushing unwanted items down the drain like cotton balls, wipes, or paper towels. If you have recurring pipe clogs despite being careful about the products that go down your pipes, you should consider replacing your piping system.

5. Water Discoloration

Have you noticed brown, red, or yellowish-tinted water coming out of your bathroom or kitchen faucets? It may be an indication of sediment buildup or rust in your pipes. As your pipes break down, the rusted metal chips mix with the water flowing into your home. With time, your piping system will be at a higher risk of bursting due to continuous deterioration. Instead of waiting until you start dealing with significant damages, reach out to a plumber for a repiping project.

6. Visible Corrosion

As a homeowner, corrosion is the last thing you want to see on your pipes. Since many pipes in your system are located behind walls, beneath floors, and under your home’s foundation, it’s difficult to spot wear and tear or other damages. If there are areas with exposed pipes, such as in your basement, check out for signs of corrosion, like discolored pipes, flaking, bumps, or stains on the pipes. If you spot these signs on the exposed pipes, the covered ones in your home have likely undergone the same damage. Replacing the pipes will go a long way toward preventing costly emergency repairs and water damage. As corroded pipes deteriorate, they can eventually develop pinhole leaks. And in some worse cases, the pipes can even burst, which can cause severe damage to your property.

7. Awful Tastes or Smells

Does the drinking water from your pipes have a foul smell or bad taste? This may be a sign that your piping system has started deteriorating. The odd smell or taste may result from worn-out metal pieces releasing flakes into the water. Replacing the pipes will ensure that you consume water free of contaminants. Make sure you address this issue as soon as possible to ensure you have clean water to cook with, bathe in, and drink.

8. Aging Pipes

Your piping system can’t last forever, regardless of the material. Many older homes have galvanized steel pipes. While this material is relatively strong, it corrodes after approximately 50 years. Therefore, if your home is past this age limit, it may be time for a piping replacement. In modern homes, pipes are mostly made of PVC, which has a lifespan of about 40 years. Copper pipes can last for about 70 years when properly cared for. Still, these lifespans can vary if there are hard water deposits in your pipes or stresses caused by high water pressure. Therefore, keep an eye on your piping system or have an experienced plumber inspect your pipes if they are nearing the end of the estimated lifespan.

Schedule a Repiping Service With Our Plumbing Experts

Repiping your plumbing system is a worthy investment for the safety and health of your loved ones and home. If you notice any of the above signs, pipe replacement may be the right solution. Since repiping is a complex process, seek help from a trained and experienced plumber. After repiping, you should notice a significant improvement in water pressure and a decrease in water bills.

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After completing the repiping project, we repair any drywall that we removed and clean up all the mess in the working area, leaving your house as we initially found it. Our services also include water treatment, indoor air quality, toilet repair, oil-to-gas conversion, and fixture repair. We provide heating and cooling maintenance, installation, and repair in Metuchen as well.

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