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Don’t Wait Until Winter to Get Heating System Repair Service in New Jersey

Is your heating system ready for winter? If you aren’t quite sure yet, then best to make an appointment with a heating repair expert in New Jersey to find out what kind of repairs are necessary to make sure your unit is winter-ready. Here are some of the best reasons why you need to have those heating issues and problems fixed before the cold season starts:

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Do You Need a Generator?

What Hurricanes and Blizzards Mean for Your Home

When New Jersey thinks of Hurricane Sandy, we are most likely to think of the devastation from floods, wind, and rain.  However, many more people were impacted by power outages during that time period than were impacted by flooding or wind damage.  In fact, power outages are actually a fairly common problem for New Jersey and much of the East Coast.  Our power grid is overburdened and is not capable of dealing with high-demand times that occur during heat waves.  We are also vulnerable to power loss during blizzards in the winter time.  This may have led you to consider installing a generator.  The home comfort experts at First Choice Heating and Cooling would be happy to help you consider whether a generator is right for you.

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How to Stay Warm When the Heat Goes Out


In our area, part of winter is dealing with the threat of winter storms.  Usually, winter storms mean little more than inconvenience; snow and ice may shut down roads, but a well-stocked household can be comfortable and safe while waiting out the worst of the storm.

However, power outages are a real possibility in a severe winter storm, and a loss of power can mean a dangerous loss of heat in cold weather scenarios.  Therefore, it is important that every person in New Jersey know the appropriate steps to take to stay warm in the event of a heating system failure.  Continue reading

Making Your Home More Cost Efficient this Winter

First Choice Heating & Cooling: Making Your Home More Cost Efficient this Winter

Did you find it difficult to get your home warm last winter? Did you feel cold even though your heater was constantly running? Did your in-home temperatures vary wildly from room to room? Did you have drafty areas by doors and windows? If so, you may need an energy audit. While these problems may seem like little more than a nuisance, the reality is that homes that are not energy efficient are not only difficult to heat in the winter and cool in the summer, they can also cost much more for heating and cooling than more efficient homes. Continue reading

Converting from Oil to Natural Gas NJ

Why Converting from Oil to Natural Gas Makes Sense for Your Budget, Your Family, and the Environment

Oil-based heating systems were once the cutting edge, environmentally friendly way to heat your home, replacing earlier heat sources such as coal or wood. However, these oil-based heating systems are no longer the cleanest and most-efficient way to heat your home and are quickly becoming as outdated as the coal and wood based heating systems they once replaced. They are also becoming very expensive to maintain and to fuel. Here are some of the top reasons you should switch from oil to gas: Continue reading